This candle will burn all the way through, but it is not recommended because of it's collectible value!

The Snow Jar candle stands at about 2 inches tall, and is about 1.25 inches wide. See the final three pictures that includes a quarter for general size comparison.

Attached to each Snow Jar candle is an IcePets tag with an IcePets logo!

On the bottom of the Snow Jar candle, you will find a sticker certifying it as a genuine Snow Jar candle. Printed on the sticker is the following:

"Cubed Snow Jar

  1. ___, Series 1 - 2013


Each sticker will have a number written on it labeling the order in which the candle was made. Once the year 2013 ends, Series 2 - 2014 will start and the numbers will start over!